Español 2

February 1-5

Week 3

Wow, it is hard to believe that we are starting week 3 of the course. I know that some students had a late start in the course or have had some snow days. They can catch up on their missing assignments. They will need to put in some extra time to catch up. The Getting Started Unit and Unit 1 should be complete. I have started to put zeros in for any assignment that was not completed by the due date. ALL students can go back and complete missing assignments to earn full credit. It is very important that students check their gradebook daily.

I encourage all students to check of what they complete daily on the schedule of assignments. I also, encourage parents to look at the gradebook with your student, so that you are aware of what is being completed every week.

What is due this week?

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Required Live Class (RLC) Schedule this week ...

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RLC Archives

If a student was not able to attend the Required Live Class (RLC), please encourage them to watch the archive and complete the assignment. The links have been provided to students in their gradebook feedback if they did not complete the assignment.