Olivia's Bucket List

April 2015

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#1-Zip-line-Labadee, Haiti

i would go ziplining with kylie because she is crazy and very fun.I would take a cruise to this beautiful beach. While zipling you could see the crystal clear water and the whole island. it gets really low at one point of the zipline and the water is so clear you could see some fish and other sea creatures! The weathering that occurs is physical.Water hits agaist the bottom of the ocean and forms it.
Labadee Haiti Dragon's Breath Zip Line - Royal Caribbean - Navigator of the Seas
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#2- swimming with dolphins-Orlando, Flordia

I want to go swimming with dolphins with my brother because they have always wanted to go and i think it would be fun with them.I think it would be so much fun with them because i am really close with my little brother . We know someone that helps people swim with dolphins so i think that would make it more fun because then i would just talk to her and just talk freely because im shy with people i dont know that well.I would like to a place in orlando that dont have many sea animals because i think it would be really scary having to worry about other animals also.The weathering that occurs is physical. Water hits the bottom of the ocean and also forms the beach.
Children Swim with Dolphins Miami

#3-Ski diving- Interlaken, Switzerland

I want to go sky diving with Ash because shes fun to be with and i like to yell at her and i could say i yelled at her in the air! I think this would be the best place to sky dive because i think it would be so fun to jump out of the plane and see the perfect mountians and snow on top of them.There is also a huge lake in the mountains and little villages and i think it would be a great time to just think about everything and to see a different view on things.The weathering that occurs is Physical.❄️ The forces of erosion is from glaciars because its in the mountains.
Skydiving Interlaken Switzerland
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#4-white water rafting- pocono mountains

I want to go white water rafting with Ellie because she hates water and i think it would be funny. i think it would be fun to raft in the mountains because you could just look to either side and see the beautiful mountains and i love the mountains so much!There are so many rocks and stuff that you would hit and i think it would so funny. Hopefully we wouldnt fall in because that would be so fun...The weathering that occurs is Physical. The forces of erosion is running water because if you are white water rafting in rapids then the water is going really fast and it hits agaist the rocks and forms them.
Great Getaway! in pocono mountians whitewater rafting

#5-scuba diving-Puerto Galera, Philippines

I want to go scuba diving with my little brother because he loves sea creatures. i think scuba diving would be fun and scary at the same time because i am really scared of sharks and i would freak out if i saw them but at the same time i love looking at the colorful fish and i know my brother would enjoy his self!i have always woundered what 20 feet down from the top of the ocean looks at and i thinnk that would cool to see all that and not have to wounder anymore.The weathering that occurs is Physical. The forces of erosion is waves because it hits agaist rocks and other stuff on the bottom of the ocean.
Scuba Diving in Cayman Brac 2013 (short)