Blogging tips

What makes a good post?

1. Your blog post should be helpful, informative and entertaining

No one visits a boring blog. Think of your audience:

  • will they be annoyed by background music?
  • will they have difficulty understanding your point?
  • will they be distracted by too much content without breaks?
  • will they be able to remember your post?
  • is your content giving enough information?

2. It should be created on a consistent basis.

At the very least, you must blog when required by the your teacher (or by the Globaloria platform). However, the more you blog the better you will become at it, and the more consistent you are, the more information you will have to go back to.

3. It should be linked to the project page or team page

You already did the work, so why not take the final step and link it. This is what increases your point average on the Globaloria platform.

4. It should include a call to action or a question that promotes commenting.

We read your post, now give your audience something to do with it. Use this opportunity to invite your readers to participate with you on this AdVENTURE.