Fall Conferences

@ Scottsburg Middle School

Two Nights - Two Options!

SMS is expanding options to connect parents, students, and teachers for our fall conference event. Read up on our plan and select the option that works best for you!

SMS values the conference experience. Not just for the connection with parents but for the student growth in responsibility in preparing for the conference. But unlike elementary schools, SMS cannot set individual conferences with every parent. Each SMS teacher has 100 students, and each student has 6-8 teachers, making coordination of individual meetings impossible. To help meet the needs of more parents, SMS is expanding fall conference to a two-night event. We'll follow one format each night.

CONFERENCE BY APPOINTMENT- Thursday, October 19th 3:30-6:30 PM

Each team is establishing 20-minute slots to allow teachers to meet with scheduled parents as a team. Teams can have up to two simultaneous conferences during each time slot- dividing and sharing as needed. Parents/guardians that want to schedule a conference must do so through the SMS office prior to 3 PM Friday, October 6th. Call 752-8926 to make a reservation. Vacancies after October 6th will be filled by teaching teams between October 16th and 18th.

If you choose to make an appointment, please know that you will be asked to arrive 15 minutes ahead of the schedule so that your student has time to present his/her portfolio prior to your scheduled conference.

CONFERENCE DROP IN- Tuesday, October 24th 3:30-6:30 PM

If you don't want to schedule a team conference and just want to greet the teachers or speak to an individual teacher, your best bet is to attend on Drop-In Night. Doors will open at 3:30 and parents (with students and iPads) can drop in anytime until 6:30 that night. Drop in night visits start in the teaching wing. Upon arrival, you'll head to the team area to greet teachers and to participate in your child's portfolio presentation. After the presentation, you can ask your child to 'fetch' any teacher and that teacher will join you for brief comments or questions. If you plan to join us on Drop-In Night, please plan to arrive by 6:00 PM so you have time to participate in all aspects of our event!

Why Student-Led?

The traditional conference model of parent and teacher meet without student present is often problematic. Teacher shares compliments and concerns. Parent takes compliments and concerns home to child. Child accepts compliments but dances and dodges and 'explains away' the concerns. The result is a confused parent and a lost opportunity for growth.

SMS students aren't left behind to dance and dodge. Our students lead their own conference by sharing their Performance Portfolios with parents prior to connecting teachers and parents! This year's portfolios are custom websites built using Google Sites. The site will include a quality headshot, an About Me section, and a series of pages with artifacts and reflections from each class. Our goal is for students to use their sites to showcase their best work this year and in years to come.

Regardless of the conference option you choose, your first activity will be to view the Performance Portfolio. If you are unable to attend either SMS conference night, we still want you to view the portfolio with your child. You'll be impressed, and you'll have a great deal of insight into the your child's skills.

Wait! There's MORE!

Besides connecting with teachers and reviewing your child' portfolio, there are several other things happening on conference night!

1) NWEA Results! All attending parents will receive their child's NWEA Progress Report with fall testing results. Spring ISTEP+ results will also be shared! (Results for non-attending parents will be sent home with students on Friday, October 25th).

2) NWEA Parent Training! Join Miss Nass in the Great Room at the :15 and :45 of each hour for a 10-minute presentation entitled NWEA: A Parent Navigator. This presentation is available both conference nights.

3) Graduation Pathway Program! Join Mrs. Mount in the Great Room at the :00 and :30 of each hour for her 10-minute intro to the incredible new options available to students at Scottsburg High School. High school? What? Why think about high school now? (You may be thinking!) It's simple. The SCSD2 School Board has just approved several new PATHWAYS to post-secondary training. SHS has always offered over 100 college credits, but now they have added a college freshman standard core credit program, and an associates degree program. Ten minutes now will open the door to some interesting discussions with your kids. This program will be available on drop-in night and online (shortly after conferences) for parents that attended appointment night.

4) Scholarships! Did you know that the state of Indiana offers 21st Century Scholarships for in-state tuition for college and vocational programs? All you have to do is register during 7th or 8th grade and graduate with a 2.5 GPA. This income-based program offers an incredible opportunity for our kids to pursue their career dreams. Based on our participation in the federal lunch assistance program, approximately 53% of our 8th graders qualify for these scholarships. Sadly only 13% have registered! How 'bout you save about $20,000 and open up a financial pathway for YOUR CHILD? Get more info either conference night at the scholarship table at the 'purple triangle.' (Your child will know where this is!) Sixth-grade parents can stop in to learn more. Your kids can register next year!