Academic Literacy

No, not ESL or EAL, it's Academic Literacy

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In this class, we will use texts and materials from your core classes to practice reading, writing, speaking and listening in English. You will improve the organization, content, and mechanics of your writing. We will read and write about novels and others kinds of writing, to help you become a faster reader, and build up needed academic vocabulary. Listening activities will help you get practice in understanding what your teachers are saying, and in taking notes. Speaking activities will help you interact with your teachers and peers.

Does this class count?

You will earn elective credit for this class; therefore, you will have required assignments, activities, homework and projects. Your work will be graded according to the quality of writing assignments, journal participation, vocabulary/grammar quizzes, oral presentations, reading and long-term projects.

How can this class help me?

How about the grading?

Your semester grade is weighted as follows:

Ø 100% In class and homework

Ø There is no final exam

Our Primary Learning Management System..

Edmodo ( is our "one-stop-shop" for instructional purposes in our class. It is vital that BOTH PARENTS & STUDENTS sign up in order to have full access to our classroom resources. Edmodo will help you to keep up with due dates, tests, quizzes, and more. You will take many quizzes in Edmodo. It will serve as your personal at-home tutor as Mrs. Koontz will often post additional resources that you may need in order to fully grasp a learning concept. You will also use Edmodo to work collaboratively with other students in class and in other classes.

How to sign up for Edmodo and use it for class


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Mr. Jerry Koontz

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