Anieca Ramon


Ive been doing graffiti for about a year now . I found interest in graffiti when i saw my dad draw it and i asked him if he could teach me . I come from a long line of drawers also . Ive done many projects for people. l can do various things with spray paint also . I never want to stop drawing . I have a big passion for it .
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I enjoy cooking very much . Ive cooked for many relatives and friends . I am very good at mexican food . My main is mexican food , i can cook enchiladas . tamales . etc and i make mexican deserts also like mangonada . sopapillas etc

Middle front ( Bumping and spiking )

I love love volleyball . Ive been playing in for about 4 years now and i enjoy it very much . i am currently play club volleyball for PVCA ( pflugerville volleyball ) I play middle front . i am very good at passing also . i get all the balls that come to the front and spike them
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