Week 3 Project

By: Kody Price

First Person and Third Person

First Person - It is when the story is told by one of the main character in the story.

Third Person - A story told by a person how is not in the story, but he knows what is going on at all time.

Types of Narratives

Sci Fi - It is a story about noearthle things like aliens, space, and ects.

Time Travel - It is a story that will be about when you travel through time to go to the future of past.

Mystery - It is a story that has a problem that is solved by finding clues for what happened or how did it.

Medieval - It is a story that take place in the past at the time of knights and kings.

Influence of Setting and Polt

Sensory Language

  • Hear
  • Sound
  • Feel
  • Smell
  • Taste

Ex. As, he sat there he heared a sound in the distance and it was loud.


5 W's

  • What - problem
  • When - time
  • Why - why it happened
  • Where - place
  • Who - person

Revising/Editing Techiques

Rainbow Editing

  • Red - Draw a red arrow in front of each paragraph
  • Orange - Circle the first word of the sentence
  • Green - Underline the thesis
  • Blue - Underline sensory language
  • Yellow - Circle punctuation, comma, etc