Horror Films

The Beloved And Favorites.


I’ve always been very into the whole concept of horror. The blood, the fright, the monsters, and the skill in the make-ups, it’s all so interesting to me. It’s been my lifelong dream (since about second grade) to be in a horror movie or at least film one. I enjoy the older horror films like, The Exorcist, The Changeling,  Jeepers Creepers, Dawn of The Dead, Bad Seed, and movies going along the lines. Many kids these days don’t know anything about these movies, it’s rather sad actually.
   When I was four I started watching Goosebumps. The television show based off of R.L. Stein’s book series. Of course we all know that they are extremely cheesy, but to a four year old they are scary as heck. The first one I saw was one about a little boy who stole a mask and wore it for Halloween. At midnight the mask fused to his face, and he looked about ninety years old. From then on I was fascinated with horror films and anything to do with the topic.


       I went to my grandmother, the queen of horror. She has books, movies, cassette tapes, and knowledge. She supported me wantinng to know more about horror, while my parents wanted me to be into girly things. She told me about Nosferatu, the first horror movie. The first horror movie, well the most notable, was Nosferatu. Nosferatu is a classic horror film, directed by a German man, F.W. Murnau. The star of the film, Max Schreck, played Count Orlok. Nosferatu was filmed in 1921 and released in 1922.      

The Present

It's 2012 and I still want to direct or act in a horror film. I've started writing outlines for horror movies and now I'm trying to recriut my friends so we could film one. After it's polished to perfection, I'm going to submit it to youtube, and hopefully get my name out there for later use. As you know, I'm kinda young to be a director. I'm starting to write horror stories as well. They aren't as good as Stephen King but I'll get there. Anyway, I'm hopeful for my future in movie filming and horror make-ups, I just hope technology doesn't fully take it over before then.