Why Not Give It A Try ?!

Don't Burst My Bubble.......GUM

Gum chewing hasn't been allowed in schools even when my parents and grandparents were in school. Why is it a big deal to chew gum in school? Some teachers and school administration think it is rude and disrespectful but can be a mess to clean. There is a right and wrong to everything we do and if you are not taught the proper way to chew gum without looking like a cow chewing on grass and snapping your gum like a firecracker I can see why schools are conflicted with the decision to allow chewing gum in school.

The Dilemma

Pros and Cons

In the article, To Chew or Not to Chew, in paragraph two it states "Gum chewing helps students stay alert and ready to learn." However there is always a flip side to the dilemma of gun chewing in school. There is the issues of being disrespectful by blowing bubbles, snapping the gum and simply throwing the gum on the floor to make a mess by sticking to students and teachers shoes, which can be inconvenient and gross. Never the less, gum chewing helps with the decrease in cavities and makes student's alertness as well as student concentration during class to keep them awake and focused.
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Learning while Chewing

This image shows students in a study group working together and civilized showing they are concentrated and engaged in their work while chewing gum in school.

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For KIDs Only

This particular brand of gum is showing a major gum producer that manufactures gum specifically for kids to maintain the low causing of cavities and obesity if gum was allowed in school.

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Staying ALERT

This image shows a chart with statistics to support the the gum chewing is a good way, tool and allowance to have students be and stay alert as well as focused in class to learn.