The 2nd Amendment

Maren Reed, Haruka Kawai

The 2nd amendment grants the right of gun ownership to individuals for purposes that include self-defense.

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- Defending and protecting nation

- Every man was allowed to own a weapon for self protection.

- Ownership rights for citizens.

- this amendment was written to get away from the British system of a standing army.

Who and When?

James Madison created the 2nd amendment in 1791.
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  1. The founding fathers wanted a Militia, a military force that is raised from the civil population (men could be drafted) to supplement the regular army in an emergency.


The 2nd amendment was sighed in Massachusetts convention.



Conclusion (Opinion)

The 2nd Amendment is crucial in order to protect one's country, family and even oneself. On the other hand, this amendment can create serious problems and deaths by using it in a wrong way. People must understand the true purpose of the 2nd amendment to avoid tragic accidents. If not, no one should be allowed to use personal weapons.
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