Fight Song Service Project

Helena de Moraes

Homeless Care Package

The Homeless Care Packages were with Mrs. Melson. There were so many people helping. We were a great team. We filled big plastic bags with things like food and toiletries and more. After we filled the packages we took one bag home each and kept it in the car so if we ever see someone that is homeless we could give them the care package. My sister was also so sweet and put $10 (of her own money) in the care package. It helped people that were homeless feel better and happier. Whenever I can I will do it again and I do recommend doing this. It is especially fun doing it with friends or a team. It is amazing how fast you can make someone's day.
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Helping Others

It is really important to help others. It makes you and them feel good. By helping people you can really make a difference in the world and in someone's life. Serving others like raising money for shelters, animal shelters, and more can do so much. It can sometimes even save someone's life. A long time ago, I did homeless packages with a group and we drove around Dallas and gave a lot of homeless people clothes and food and new shoes and gloves and hats. It was really nice seeing them all smile.
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At Home homeless Care Packages

At home homeless care packages can be really fun. You can gather a group of friends and fill bags with tons of things. You can fill them with clothes, socks, hats, gloves, snacks, meals, hand sanitizer, lotion, toothbrushes and toothpaste and maybe even some money. Each person would fill each bag with one of each thing. After you and your friends are done you can pack them in a car and drive around a city and stop a few times and and see if there is any homeless people near by to give a care package to.
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