The Basics Of Credit

Credit Cards

How credit is use and works

Credits can let you borrow money for a house, car, college etc. If you get a credit you have to pay an amount of money.That will be your (APR). All depends on how much you borrow. But for you to be able to get a credit they have to check your Credit Bureau. If you are responsible with your checking and savings account they will see if they could trust you or other wise they won't give it to you and also to use a credit Card you have to be 18 or if you are under that age your parents have to sign a contract were it says that everything will be charge on their accounts.

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What you need to know about Credit Cards

The Credit Cards can be use everywhere. The credit cards are very helpful because you can used on everything that you want but you must be concern that depends in how much you spend is going to depend in your (APR). Also the Credit Cards have a limit of amount of money that you can spend that is called Credit Limit. You need to have also a Annual Fee to know how much and where you have spend money. The most important point is that you need to pay your bills on time because if you don't do it your going to have a Penalty Fee.

How to use a Credit Card safety

While using a Credit Card you must be concern on how to use it:

  • Buy only what you need.
  • Used for good reasons.
  • Pay the bill on time.
  • Don't let anyone to borrow it.