Desalination of water


Desalination may also refer to the minerals which also happens to be a issue to agricultural production.


The membrane

The solar still

effects on the environment

In nature this basic process is responsible for the water hydro logic cycle.

effect of the tech on water

The low tech approach to accomplish this is to construct a solar still which uses heat from the sun to run the desalination.

long term effects

Desalination has one effect with long term the tech will reverse Omanis across the membrane

effects of tech for humans

When water and tech hit together the sea water is to salty so when the tech hits salt waters its the voltage which effect the tech on earth disturbing humanity.

key issues

With the majority of these desalination plant extracting water directly intake in the ocean there is a direct intake on the marine life. fish and more marine life has been killed by these intakes during these processes of the salt water. the impact on the marine environment , even a single desalination plant may be subject to daily seasonal annual and even decadal variations are likely to be species, and site specific.

interesting facts


in this picture of the solar power station in a desalination plant. the the solar panels are take the heat from the sun converting it to electricity to power the membranes inside a desalination plant to use the membrane to convert seawater to be pure fresh water.

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