Circulatory/ Cardiovascular System

By- Caitlin Patch

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Heart- muscular pumping organ

Arteries- blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart

Veins- the large return vessels of the body and act as the blood return counterparts of arteries

Major Functions

-Moves lymph, which is a clear fluid that helps rid the bodies of unwanted material

-Carries white and red blood cells, oxygen, nutrients, and hormones

Problems Associated with System

Arteriosclerosis- The fatty deposits in the arteries causes the walls to stiffen and thicken

Stroke- Blockage of the blood vessels to the brain

Hypertension- Causes the heart to work harder and can lead to such complications as a heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure

Aortic Aneurism- Occurs when the aorta is damaged and starts to bulge or eventually tear, which can cause severe internal bleeding

How it works with other Systems

Respiratory System: Blood lacking oxygen flows to the heart which is pumped and then the lungs picks up oxygen and goes back to the heart and now the oxygen rich blood flows to the rest of the body