The Middle Colonies

We are the Best Region in the 13 Colonies

Reasons to come to the Middle Colonies

Geography: Our states here in the Middle Colonies are New york, Pennsylvania, and
Delaware. We also have fertile soil for farming from Susquehanna,Delaware, and Hudson River.

Here in the Middle Colonies We have lots of jobs especially for farmers. We have large cash crop farms with wheat, barley, and rye in the Middle Colonies. Since we the Hudson and Delaware river, its great for fertile soil. There are plenty of jobs in the Delaware valley digging for minerals that pay well if your not into farming.

Political System:
We have Legislative government for all our states in the Middle Colonies.

We welcome you and your religion. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Quakers, and any other religion is welcome.

Daily life/kids:
You and your loved ones can setup your own private school and church with your beliefs.

Abundance of slaves to help with everyday needs like farming