payton dindot's bucket list

April 20th

rope swinging in Moab, Utah

I want to go rope swinging at Corona Arch, which is in Moab, Utah and is the biggest rope swinging canyon. I would see big rocks and would go when its hot. The physical weathering that happened there was exfoliation and abrasion. The erosion happened from running water, rock fall, rock slides, and slump.
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Rope swinging

World's Most Insane Rope Swing Ever!!! - Canyon Cliff Jump

Rafting in Colorado river, Grand Canyon

I want to go rafting at the Colorado river with my family because they would make it funny. I would see rocks, trees and lots of water. There are really fast and big rapids there. The weathering happened by big rocks falling and breaking more rock. The erosion happened by water running moving the other rocks somewhere else.
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Jet pack skiing at Miami beach

I would love to go jet pack skiing in Miami with my best friend Olivia Fox because we love to swim and she is very funny. I really want to do this because I love the ocean, sand and swimming. The weathering happened by the waves swaying back and forth breaking down the rock, which after a long period of time will turn into sand. The erosion happened by the waves pushing the rock on to shore or in to a different location in the ocean.
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Water Jet Pack: Get High with Jetlev!

Sky diving at Wailua, Hawaii

I want to go skydiving with my friend Avery Barrum because it would be an awesome experience to do it with her. The Pacific Skydiving Center is where I would go because it says you have an awesome view of the island and its safe. You would see beautiful palm trees and pretty blue water. But first I would go to lots of indoor sky diving places and practice cool tricks before I actually jump off an actual plane. The erosion is the wind when it picks up the other rocks somewhere else. The weathering is the wind that pushes the water to making waves and the waves will push other rocks to then break.
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Scuba Diving in Koh Tao island, Thailand

I want to go scuba diving in Thailand with my uncle Dusty because he always makes it super fun. I extremely think this would be awesome because of all the sea animals and the beautiful shells, coral and fish. It would be so cool if I got to swim with dolphins, they are my all time favorite animal! The weathering happened from the waves crashing into rocks and over a period of time will break them by little pieces at a time. The erosion happened from also the waves carrying the rocks to shore or somewhere else in the ocean. Also the wind will push the rocks into the ocean.
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