(It was going to be the October Odyssey....)

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Warren already has a district-wide account to World Book Online for the Student, Kids, and Spanish encyclopedias; from now through December 6 we have free trials of many of their other products, including some great nonfiction eBooks. I will send you the usernames and passwords via email, as it is not ethical to post them on the open web.

Students already have the capability to have an account with World Book to manage research, to create bibliographies, timelines, and other features. Please let me know if you would like me to demo this with any of your classes.

You, Too, Can Skype (Even in the Middle of a Book Fair)

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Mary Graham's Period 1-2 class skyped with an author on September 30. I will be glad to help you make connections and set up your session in your room, the LGI room, or the MediaPlex. We can use Skype, a google hangout, or the district's new distance learning program, Zoom (for places that require an IP address) (If you don't know what that means, don't worry.)

Academic Standards Resources

You are probably aware of the many standards materials available at DOE, but social studies and math in particular have added extensive Resource Guides (scroll down on those linked pages, way down) I attended a Bicentennial workshop at the Indiana History Center, and was very impressed with the social studies information that has been added. Most standards have links to content you might be able to use with blended learning.

AMLE Conference Columbus, OH October 15-17

I attended the fabulous Association for Middle Level Education Conference over fall break. Imagine over 3000 educators interested in young adolescents gathered in one place. The sessions were practical, thought-provoking, and inspirational. Here are just a few of the highlights. I'll gladly share the resources I gained.

Creston MediaPlex

Our mission is to assist you as you guide students toward locating, evaluating, and applying information and resources, whether for specific assignments or pleasure reading. We can help you schedule our labs, come to your classroom, or work alongside you. Please ask!