Herndon Happenings

May 11, 2020


This newsletter will be used to give additional information and resources to parents, students, and families of Herndon Magnet School. It will allow us to share more information with everyone than can be contained in the weekly JCall from Mr. Thomas and be easy to reference throughout the week or whenever you have questions.

Please help share this information with parents of Herndon students so we are getting the word out to all of our families.

End of Year Close Out

Return School Items & Pick Up Personal Items Instructions

The schedule for returning school items (library books, textbooks, instruments, devices and chargers, etc...) and picking up personal items (report cards, certificates, pictures, yearbooks, supplies, locker items, etc...) is below. Guidelines are as follows:

  1. Adhere to your scheduled pick-up time.
  2. DO NOT get out of your vehicle.
  3. BOLDLY PRINT the name and grade of your student(s) in marker or large printed font on a sheet of paper.
  4. Display the page(s) on the passenger side window(s) as you enter the main parking lot.
  5. Slow down as you enter so the staff near the entrance can read the names and radio them to the gym.
  6. Drive to the back and around the loop. Pull up near the art/band rooms.
  7. Have your items to return, ready to be passed to staff.
  8. Once clear, pull forward to the handicap sidewalk outside the gym.
  9. Wait for personal items to be delivered to your car.
  10. Leave the school campus once items are received.


Monday, May 18 - Students with Siblings at Herndon

8 AM - 12 PM - A wing students who have siblings at Herndon

1 PM - 3 PM - B wing and MS students with siblings at Herndon

Tuesday, May 19 - Students without siblings at Herndon

8 AM - 10 AM - A wing students

10 AM - 12 PM - B wing students

1 PM - 3 PM - MS students

Wednesday, May 20 - Make-up

8 AM - 10 AM - Anyone that missed their time slots on Monday or Tuesday

Anyone that cannot come at their scheduled time must contact Mr. Thomas via email at trthomas@caddoschools.org to make an appointment for pick up.

2020-2021 Contract

You must complete a contract for each returning student no later than midnight Monday, May 18, 2020. This is the contract that you must complete in order to have a spot at Herndon next year as long as you meet the contract requirements. The number of completed contracts are used by district to determine staffing. We must have signed contracts in order to ensure we are fully staffed.

1st - 5th Grade Student Contract

6th - 8th Grade Student Contract and Elective Choices

To learn more about the electives, here is a link to a short description of each.

2020-2021 Updates