economics news investigations

by emily schneider

#1 - WARNING *** ALL OF MY REASONS AN opinions are throught the paragraphs because thats how i do mine and learn the best !

site : news paper , the CR gazette , Tuesday , October 13,2015 page 2A

"Feed Plant May Smolder Several Days "

this article was about how a fire started in Anamosa witch is a animal feed processing building they don't know what started it or what happened they are still looking into what happened . the building is well insulated and has bad circulation in the building witch is made up of steel . they tried putting lots of water on it meaning they got some from the lake and used it to try to put it out to see if it would help and put it out . since the building is made of steel and there is a lot of dry (feed) products in there they cant put it out . quantity demand and quantity sold like they have lost a lot of product to be sold so they go down in that a lot and in how there prices of stuff might rise because of it also the fact that they lost a lot of there feed people ,might need some from them the next day and there isn't much for them an the reconstructing of the building and all of there equipment they lost and getting more products to be able to sell to get money.


site : online newspaper ,the gazette , october 19, 2015

"surrett to serve 15 years in prison for hight speed chase , crash"

located in cedar rapids

this man names james surrett led police on a high speed chase an then crashed into a school bus and a pickup driven by pregnant women in february , the judge feel as if this behavior came from mental illness and drug addiction . he is the age of 46 he has other stuff going on he says he has depression and anxiety , mood disorder and mental illnesses. he has a record an is a criminal the lady who was pregent that drove the truck is okay so are the people on the bus he got in alot of trouble an prison time .

this is related to class by how if one person dose somthing it effects other people , he could have kill someone with his actions . just by his actions and how he and what he chose to do leads to other things and effect people alot and more then he may thing i mean what if actually that prego women got into a coma or somthing worst , that an could have dome that and he is acountible for his own actions i mean thats crazy .


site :online news paper , the gazette , november 7 ,2015

"on topic : supply , demand and a dash of patience"

this article is about how a persons patience can effect just about everythign the guy that is the narrator of this article shows examples of him being angry and impatient , and then he makes some really good points about uber. and how uber when people loose there patience with wating for the car to arive they move to diffrent places or call a real taxi or they just find a diffrent ride or walk , witch is a really good point and example of supply demand and a dash of patience because for the driver they are loosing bussnes if they dont get there fast enofe because people will choose an alternitive or people pay maybe a little more for a diffrenent ride ,or move to diffrent places that have less epople like they hike up to a diff spot because then the customers pay less also and because the driver for uber is taking way to long witch would result in a supply demand witch you see as demands drop and so cars stop getting booked and drivers are just sitting.


site : online , november 10,2015

"heres why your landlord may not hold your holiday packages "

this article is about how during this hollidays they are making a policy of witch the apartment will not hold residents deliveries this holiday season . the resson for this is to free up time for its onsite staff to deal with property issues , so instead packages will be left outside the individual apartments , the own of these appartments says that last year he recived 1 million packages and expected the number to jump by 30%to 50%. he estimated that it lost about 10 minutes of productivity per package at a cost of 3.3 million dollers a year . most apppartment owners (90%) say that they accept packages on behalf of the residents .he has proven that the onsight deliveries takes away from staff from duties such as maintence , repairs and security he states that some of the apartment owners have tracking software that sends texts to the resedents if they have a package and other high tech stuff . this could become a problem for both the residents and ampartment staff and owner such as it could bring a scarcity of money for the appartment owner by the money it has to spend an waist for the workers that arnt technacally doing there regular jobs and also the fact of people not wanting to live ther because of the policy and of items getting stolen it can be a win loss type of situation all ways .