FAC Newsletter

Nov. 10-14

Thank you for sharing your Halloween pictures!!

Donations for the Samaritan Inn

Thank you for those of you that have already sent dish soap in!!

Just a Reminder....

In November we will be partnering with a 4th grade class to give back to our community in a positive way. Last year Mrs. Grobe's 4th grade class raised 3,000 for the Samaritan Inn of McKinney and this year we are joining in to reach a goal of 5,000. The Samaritan Inn helps those less fortunate by providing shelter until they are able to get back on their feet. As of October 27, there were 156 families at the inn, of which 61 were school ages kids.

Our class will contribute by donating dish soap and our personal class goal is to collect 15 bottles of dish soap over the next 3 weeks.

Please find it in your hearts to help others in McKinney that need something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season!


This week we continued talking about weather. The kids have been tracking and graphing the different types of weather.
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Upcoming Events

*We will be working on the Behavior Skill of- Using My Words this week in class*

Nov 11 Mavericks in Motion 7:30am

Nov 12 Fall Book Fair Opens

Nov 13 Mavericks in Motion 7:30am

Thanksgiving Feast RSVPs due

PTA Family Night 6:30pm

Book Fair Open until 6:15pm

Nov 14 Family Fun Night 5:30pm

Book Fair Open until 5:30pm

Book Fair

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Thanksgiving Feast

You may RSVP using the link from the McGowen newsletter.
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Mrs. Holguin was busy this weekend. She ran in her first half-marathon. It was a continuous battle with the wind and the Celina hills, but still a fun accomplishment!