MGES Media Center

9-21-15 ~ 9-25-15

Hello Everybody!

This is the first newsletter going out to all MGES staff from the Media Center! It will go out weekly to keep everybody in the know about whats going on! I will include upcoming dates, important announcements, and other important info!

Sunshine State Books!

The sunshine state books have not arrived yet. But if your students have other means of access to Sunshine State Books, please remind them to take the tests, and to come get their brag tags for scoring 80 or above! As you know, for each book they read, they will get a jewel to put on their treasure chest in the media.


Your students may come down in groups no bigger than 4 at any time during the day that the media is open. Also, please don't forget to schedule your class checkouts through the online scheduler. Currently you can not set it as recurring, but if you would like it to be a weekly or monthly thing, please just shoot me an email to let me know and I will go through and add the rest!

Dates/Times Media is closed...

As always, the media is closed everyday from 12-1.

This Week:

None so far!

Next Week:

Tuesday: 9:20-12pm

Friday (SUB): 2:30-3:40

Book Now!

Don't forget to book your class checkouts!