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Fundamentally the 2010 Toyota Tacoma is the same truck produced with the '09 model year. It remains an excellent selection for its wide selection of body styles and trim packages. Other wonderful features are the fact while the Toyota corporation has had some technical problems, it remains an incredibly reliable pickup. Tacomas furnished with larger engines offer more power than any kind of competitors, which includes the Chevy Colorado. Few downsides include awkward seat positioning and also a noisy V-6 engine. All around they remain over capable work trucks. For information about Toyota Tacoma Shane recommended this site to me

Consumers who don't need to have a full size pickup truck will work well investing in a 2010 Toyota Tacoma. With regards to size they have industry leading hauling and carrying capabilities. Although it is not quite competent to haul about any half-ton available to buy, their size means they are highly maneuverable and enables a much more nimble handling experience. Fuel economy is one other aspect that will make these trucks more appealing, when the slightly higher price tag than competitors may delay some frugal minded buyers.

Trim packages available include Base models (regular cabs), access cabs, Double cabs, SR-5, and TR-D. Mentioned previously until the basic models only come with a regular cab body style and doesn't offer a great deal regarding accessories. Included on base models are 15 inch steel wheels, composite bed liners, tilt steering wheels, cloth seating, as well as optional CD player. Basic models are better work trucks than anything, offering the class leading capabilities, with no higher prices. Access cabs represent Toyota's mid-level trim package. Standard features include AC, full power accessories, skid plates, bench seats on the rear, 16 inch steel wheels, and lumbar support for drivers.

Rising in class and elegance are often the Double cab models. These come along with 16 inch steel wheels, more tech gadget portals, highly customizable interior accents and fabrics, along with more skid plates to defend the undercarriage. SR-5 trim packages represent a entirely different experience regarding their owners. They also have fog lamps, very nice seating, leather steering wheels with audio controls, rear cameras for backing up, remote keyless entry, and chrome accents all through the pickup. The off-road package (TRD) have been built to handle rugged terrain. They have 17 inch alloy wheels, sturdier suspension, sport style seating, fender flares, and high duty skid plates. TRD models can also be outfitted as sports packages manufactured for better highway handling. For more information about Toyota Tacoma blog entry click this link.

The engines for 2010 Toyota Tacoma pickups feature a 2.7 liter four cylinder that put out 159 hp, which can be found with either a five speed manual or 4 speed automatic transmission. The larger engine is often a 4. liter V-6 able to 236 hp, and is included with either a 6 speed manual or five speed automatic. Fuel economy to the smaller engine is 19 mpg city and 25 mpg highway, while larger option gets 16 mpg city, and 20 mpg highway. Those numbers are relatively impressive in comparison to the Chevy Colorado, yet are slightly less impressive when compared to the smaller Ford Ranger.

Crash test rating received perfect scores for both side and front impact crashes. That means it is among the safest mid-size pickups offered to consumers.

Overall, the 2010 Toyota Tacoma remains probably the greatest pickups from the small to mid-size class. Towing capabilities tend to be almost like that from one half-ton pickup than many of it's competitors. Pricing however is definitely an area the Tacoma remains less competitive, available at substantially higher numbers. Whether you're seeking a basic work truck. Alternatively, a fully loaded luxury style interior you can find a model to accomodate just about every consumer's preference. Learn more information visit our website