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June 10, 2015

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  • 8th Promotion Ceremony Rehearsal - 10am
  • Building CSI --End of Year Priorities
  • 8th Promotion Ceremony @ Hall High School - 5:30pm
  • KP Idols Final - 11:30 to 2:50pm
  • KP Singers Pot Luck Dinner - 6 to 8pm
  • Norfeldt Tour - 9 to 10am
  • KP Singers/Beaux Strings Concert @ St. Thomas the Apostle Church; 872 Farmington Avenue in West Hartford - 2pm


Supply request and address forms need to be turned in, if you haven't already done so

Shredder container is in small cafe for confidential information you need to discard. Please do not put in paper clips, rubber bands or items that can just be tossed.

Karen Walsh

Charge it to the mind and not the heart!

I was gently reminded that KP Universal has had a 3rd advisor added this year in the person of none other than Kathy Shoemaker who has stepped in and stepped up in a BIG way. Thank you Kathy for your work with this club.

West Hartford Foundation
I want to thank the following staff members for taking the time to write a grant for our students. Not all of them were awarded, but I appreciate the hours you put in to secure these resources for our students. Thank you to Stacey Grindle, Megan Cassidy, Eina Rieger, Marnie Paulus, Heather Vocke, Alison Lessard, Denise deMello, Sarah Wexler, Johannah Kosienski, Marisa Tamayo and Megan Johnson.

Awarded Grants
$1,680 Dr. Robert & Gladys Dunn Grant: Sharing Literature Builds Community (Denise deMello)

$800 Whole Foods Market Grant: Let's Get Growing (Sarah Wexler)

$1,192 E-Readers for all Readers (Denise deMello)

$5,000 Open Choice Academic, Student and Social Support grant application for 15-16. Thank you to Kerry Jones for finding this opportunity for our school and for supporting Marc Kotler's efforts in securing the funding for our Morning Advisory program reboot.

PTO Funding and Support - In addition to the fall KP wish list responses, the PTO has generously supported KP in the following ways:

  • Paying for half the WEB Coordinating Training and Travel
  • Funding WEB T-shirts and training supplies
  • Purchasing 30 Chromebooks and 3 charging stations
  • Supporting a Graffiti Artist Request for $400 submitted by Stacey Grindle
  • Matching the funding for a KP Garden for $800 submitted by Sarah Wexler
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ISTE LIVE --JUNE 30th KP LIBRARY Join us from 9-11:30 (click below for more)

Please Join Us --Summer PD --Virtual Book Study on Beyond the Bake Sale

If you are interested in helping to develop the parent engagement vision that is right for KP, please join this our KP Summer Virtual Book study (using Voxer) with KP families. We have 10 copies for those interested. It will be a 5 week study starting on June 29th. More details to follow but I hope to have a few representatives from all of our staff groups. It's the summer so no high stakes here.

Our goal after the study, will be to meet in the fall to discuss next steps for examining our current practices and building a common plan going forward.