By: Kristen Hughes

What you should know about Titanium

Element Name: Titanium

Element Symbol: Ti

Atomic #22

Aomic Mass: 47.867

Melting Point in degree Celcius: 1,668

Boiling Point in degree Celcius: 3,287

# of Protons: 22

# of Neutrons: 26

# of Electrons:22

Classification: Transition Metal

Cost: $661 for 100g

The element belongs to the Transition Metal Family

Origin Name: Greek word titanos (titans)

Year of discovery: 1791

Discovered by: William Gregor

Electron Configuration: 3d2 4s2

Important uses & / interesting facts: Titanium is strong yet is 45% lighter. Metal is 60% denser than aluminum and over two times strong. Titanium present in meterorites, the sun, and stars. It is also a non-magnetic good at conducting heat or electricity.