The Casey Anthony Trials

Murder, check fraud, child abuse, etc.

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How It Started

  • Casey's mother informed local police
  • Cindy Anthony (Casey's mother) filed charges against her
  • These are those charges
  • Theft, Child neglect, and possibly Murder
  • Casey was then later arrested on suspicion of child neglect, giving false official statements, and obstructing a criminal investigation.

Who Was Involved

What the Case Entailed

  • Casey was first charged with child neglect
  • Then check forgery, petty theft, and fraudulent use of someone else's ID
  • A Florida woman files a lawsuit against Casey due to her reputation
  • Finally Anthony goes to court on Murder charge
  • Caylee's remains are found
  • Casey pleads guilty to the check fraud
  • Casey claims molestation from her father starting at age eight
  • Goes on to claim George helped partake in Caylee's death
  • (Saying Caylee drowned in Casey's parents swimming pool)

Locational Impact

  • Committed in Florida
  • So many people following the trial scares Casey
  • Protests during trial and about verdict
  • There was more of an impact on Casey than on the location

Why Was This Case Significant

This case seemed to almost come from a lifetime movie, because of that a lot of people followed the case very closely. Many people were not happy with Casey's verdict. Some individuals think the trial, in some way, violated the sixth amendment. However, according to Constitutional Dailey the sixth amendment was upheld and Casey should not have to be retried.