Uncle Tommy's Drywall

For all your drywall needs

Why you should join my company!

Here at Uncle Tommy's Drywall we pride ourselves in providing a fun yet hard-working environment. As an Uncle Tommy employee there are many different benefits given to you.

  1. We offer many different paid days off. By joining my company you shall get New Years Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas off.
  2. We offer a free child care service. By becoming an employee you are offered free admission to my other business Uncle Tommy's Child Care.
  3. We offer free candy. Here at Uncle Tommy's Drywall you are allowed access to my own candy dungeon. You are allowed to take as much candy as your heart desires whenever you want.
  4. We offer free breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here at Uncle Tommy's Drywall we offer free food when you arrive to the drywall site. Once you arrive you may tell your supervisor what food you would like and where you would like it from.
  5. Free school absence form. As we all know your job takes priority over school, so as an employee you are given a school absence form to get out of school without repercussions. Although, you are only given 1 per week.
  6. Health Care I you experience any work related injuries we shall pay for any and all related expenses.
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Here is a picture of my two star employees doing a great job. Timmy (Right) Jimmy (Left)