Medical Examiner

Ezekiel S. Cordeiro-Akilo

Job Description

A medical examiner is a medically qualified officer who inspects dead victims to find out how they died and if it was homicide, suicide, natural, undecided or accidental. Determines the cause of death and performs autopsies.

Working Conditions

Medical examiners usually work in morgues or other facilities where dead people are present. Involves lots of traveling and constant studying to stay up to date with the latest medical advances. Very stressful and traumatizing. Constantly looking at dead bodies some grotesquely disfigured. Medical examiners usually have assistants to help them. On call 24/7.

Training/Education Requirements

To become a medical examiner you have to get a 4 year college degree, take the medical college admission test, go to med school for 4 years, join a residential program to receive training as forensic pathologist for 4 years, and become board certified in forensic medicine.

Personal Characteristics

If you have any of these characteristics you will do well. Calm, cool, collected, focused, smart,

Education Spotlight

Boston University

University of Southern Maine

Michigan State University

St. Petersburg College