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What if Khan Academy was made in Japan?


Please join me in welcoming our newest staff members!

  • Bobbi Jo Anderson - SPED AIDE
  • Maria Ortiz - ELL AIDE
  • Dave Lippert - Library/Media AIDE

Formative Observations

'Tis the season for formative observations! Any teacher in year 1 or 3 of their summative cycle is required to have a formative observation. Teachers in year 2 are not required to have a formative, but may request one. New teachers will have two formative observations (one of which was already completed).

Phil and Kristin would like to complete all formative observations for continuing teachers by the end of February. For those of you with Kristin as your supervisor, you will receive an e-mail from her regarding the scheduling of your formative. Those of you who have Phil should click the link below to provide your preferred month (December, January or February) and the hours or times that you wish to be observed. Phil will then schedule the observation and send you an invitation.

Thank you! We look forward to spending some time in your classrooms over the next few months.


Schedule Update

Thank you all so much for attending the schedule meetings on Dec. 1st and providing such great feedback! I have talked with many of you and know that this discussion has got us thinking about the possibilities.

Based on the feedback you provided, I have been working with Andy on some changes to the schedule I showed you on Monday. The changes attempt to preserve the Workshop model, but would no longer require teachers to evenly divide the time in their House between Math/Science and ELA/Social Studies. My plan is to ask you to meet with me again later this month or early next month to review the changes and offer more feedback.

Following that round, I hope to be able to make a final decision regarding our schedule for next year.

PBIS Update

I have been so impressed with the way our staff has come together to implement PBIS! Our first school-wide incentive was a HUGE hit for our kids. It is impressive to me to see the number of acknowledgements kids are earning and the changes it is making to their behavior and our school climate when we focus more on the positives. Keep up the great work!

RAVEs - As a reminder, we will be having a RAVE on the first Monday of each month. That will mean our next RAVE takes place on JANUARY 5th - which is the first day back from Winter Break.

Blitz Days - Watch for e-mail notification on blitz days. These are special days on which students earn double the acknowledgements for completing their homework or being prepared for class. Be sure to collect tickets each Friday so that we have enough for the Blitz days.

Feedback - Be sure to keep the communication coming! Let a member of the PBIS implementation team know how it's going for you and if there are any ways in which we can better support your efforts.


A grading presentation for parents has been created and uploaded to our website. It should help to answer many of the frequently asked questions that parents have about our grades. Please feel free to refer parents to the presentation or include something in your House newsletters if you feel it is appropriate. Let Phil know if there is any other information you feel parents need about grading that could be added to the webpage.

21st Century Learning Room

As you have heard, we are beginning to discuss our 21st Century Learning space. This room will be built across from the main office in what is now the District Office. It will be approximately 2,000 square feet. It will have a counter and sink and can be divided into four smaller spaces with movable walls.

Your feedback is needed to determine:

  • What would you envision using such a space for with your students?
  • To be able to use the space in the way you imagined, what would need to be IN the room? (Technology, furniture, supplies, etc...)

Your input will be taken back to the IMT team for review. We need to develop a comprehensive plan by April 1st to take to the Cabinet for approval. As stated in Becky's e-mail, please come to your next grade level meeting with your ideas or send them to Joyce Treml by the end of the month.

Thanks in advance for your help to create a unique learning space for kids!

Shadow Days

The new Badger 3-8 (Smarter Balance) will be taking place during the month of April. This will most likely mean that there will conflicts with our Shadow Days. Phil will be talking with the 5th Grade team at their next grade level meeting about alternative dates and planning for Shadow Days.

Winter MAP Testing

Winter MAP testing is no longer being required for all students. However, it will still be required for any students who are Selected or Targeted. The test is also available for any students on whom we need additional information. Phil is working with our Advanced Math Team and Reading Specialist to determine what other students we may need to test in the winter to ensure proper placement. Please let Phil know if you have any students or groups of students you would like to see tested this Winter.

All students will need to be tested again in the spring.

House Technology Showcase

THANK YOU to the Light House for being the first to showcase their use of technology on our Website! If you haven't checked it out, you will find it about half way down our main page. GREAT JOB LIGHT HOUSE!!!

Thank you also to all those who have already signed up for the House Technology Showcase! If you have not already done so, please sign up your House for a month here: TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE SIGN UP. Those who are "on" for December, please get your article and pictures to Eve Wozniak ASAP. Those on for January, please submit the article and pictures prior to leaving for the Holiday break.

FNO and Noon Detentions

There have been a few questions regarding Failure is Not an Option and Noon Detentions. I have posted the guidelines in the Teacher Office folder of our Lineville Staff Schoology course. Let me know if you need any clarification. This may also need to be a topic of discussion at Grade Level meetings as the the guidelines were drafted in 2011-12 and may need to be updated to better reflect the current state.

December Staff Meeting

What do you get for the staff who has everything?

I don't say it enough, but I am incredibly proud of this staff. When I think about how far we have come together in the past 4-5 years, it is truly hard to believe. Every single one of you works incredibly hard and is doing some amazing things for kids. I am constantly in awe of the ways I see you innovating, collaborating and persevering as a team to make Lineville the best it can possibly be for our kids. I feel very blessed to be your Principal and even more so that my own kids had (and have) the opportunity to go to school in such an amazing building with such incredible people. So thank you. Thank you for working as hard as you do. Thank you for NEVER EVER giving up on kids. And thank you for making this such a special place.

What do you get the staff who has everything? Time.

In recognition of and appreciation for the great work you have been doing, and for the extra time you have spent on PBIS, meeting with me about the schedule, dancing with the kids at the incentive, and countless other things that you do (like reading all of this), I am canceling our December staff meeting.

Furthermore...I am declaring Wednesday a Happy Day - so wear jeans and your Happy shirts if you wish! I plan to stop at Anduzzi's after work on Wednesday and invite you to join me for a drink and some laughs if you can.

Again - thanks for everything you do.