Clean Power plan

By Bryce Fury

Recognizing the Problem

On August 3rd , 2015 President Obama announced the clean power plan due to the all time high amount of carbon emissions. The objective of this plan was to reduce carbon emissions from power plants by 20% compared to the numbers in 2012.
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Formulating the Policy

Along side Obama the Environmental Protection Agency formulated this policy in order to reduce pollution in the us.This plan was incorporated in turn with the Clean Air Act of 1973, the clean air acted helped reduce ground level ozone by 25%, reduced mercury emissions by 45% and reduced the main pollutants that caused acid rain and sulfur dioxide by 76%. The Clean Power Plan would go along with this because it was created to reduce carbon emissions by 26%.
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Adopting the Policy

The Clean Power Plan was put into effect on August 15, 2015. The Environmental Protection Agency took over the administration of the plan through a 1,560 page plan this plan provided multiple options for power plants to reduce their carbon emissions a few of these were switch to more clean energy such as solar and wind, starting to use nuclear power, and also an option to use less coal and fossil fuels this plans main goal was to have power plants cut their carbon pollution by 30% in comparison to the levels during 2005.
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Implementing the Policy

When the policy was first announced and put into effect many large companies hopped on board and went a long with the policy.The process of the policy was a multiple step program in which power plants and other companies would follow steps established in the plan that would help reduce their emissions over a period of time. Even though there were many companies who got on board with this plan there were also many who believed this was a bad thing. When the policy was implemented it caused some distress in the coal and fossil fuel industries many of the workers feared they would lose their jobs due to the decrease in used of coal and fossil fuels..
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Evaluating the Policy

It is hard to out weight the pros and cons in this plan. This is because the plan is implemented in many steps over a long period of time. The first thing that can bee seen is the increase in carbon emissions since 2012. This provided a basis on why this plan needed to be put into action. The Environmental Protection Agency has also published many graphs, articles and timelines of the predicted effects due to the plan.