Nuremberg trials

Albert Speer

Who, and what happened?!

Albert Speer,an architect,who was the only close friend of hitter was found guilty for counts 3 & 4 but not 1 & 2 he was transmitted to Sauckel estimates of numbers of slave,workers needed,then allocated those workers to various armaments and munitions plants. He served his 20 year sentence,and wrote 2 books about his life, later he died in 1981 at the age of 76. Before he was convicted hitter had given Speer a watercolor of a gothic church. The anti-goering faction of defendants was for those that were willing to condemn nazi policies and would accept partial blame for nazi actions.

What should have happened

I, the writer, believe that the judgement was wrong I believe that he should have been put to death because of all the families that were destroyed because of this issue and the i inicent lives that were lost and thesouthern that were tourchered for no reason. But then again I also believe that th nazi people should have to live the way those people were to but then as I sit here and think about it. How are we any different from them. Yes we didn't do those horrific this to the Japanese Americans when we sent them to relocation camps but most of the people think we should put them to death but that's not the case what is done can't be redone. So I true believe that the judgement that was made would have been the right one.