FPHS Parent and Student Memo

September 20, 2021

FPS District Equity Statement

We are committed to supporting students, families, and staff by dismantling racism and other systems of oppression and inequity by empowering each individual to be successful by valuing race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, culture, and environment.


  1. Equity and Social Justice
  2. Improved Instruction
  3. Family and Community Partnership

Our Equity Team would like to partner with our parents and students to fulfill our mission to support our students, staff, and families by identifying and dismantling systems that perpetuate, exacerbate, or produce inequities based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. If you would like to collaborate with us, please let us know HERE. If you want to learn more about our commitment to EQUITY and ANTI-RACISM, feel free to contact any of our FPHS Equity Team members: Hartley, Marzano, Wright, Laban, Apelu, Brist, Call, Chapman, Detweiler, Fineman, Goodrum, Inman, Kaunda, B. Lee, Martin, Plaskett, Quill, Roscoe, Scroger, Shoopman, McNeil, Wacker, Tracy, and T. Johnson.

Dear Parents and Students,

  • TikTok: Students and Parents, as you may be aware, there a several videos being posted on TikTok encouraging students across the nation to vandalize, destroy, or steal school property. Unfortunately, we have even had vandalism and destruction of property at FPHS. This is not the type of school community we are trying to create and promote for FP. We know the vast majority of our students value their education and our school community. We are calling on all students to take care of our school and each other. If you see something that is causing harm to our school or others, please report it immediately to a staff member so that we can take action. Any student caught damaging, destroying, or stealing school property will be charged for all damages and reported to the Pierce County Sherriff's Department.
  • ZERO PERIOD: We've had many calls come into the office inquiring about Zero Period. Zero period is how we mark attendance for our Cardinal Connections class that takes place between 1stand 2nd on A Days and between 5th and 6th period on B Days. If your student is marked absent from Zero Period, that means they did not attend Cardinal Connections (Advisory) that day. Please contact Brixey Marzano if you have any questions or concerns.

  • If you ever need to see our Daily Bulletin announcements, use this LINK. Running Start and Pierce County Skills Center students, please use this link to keep up to date with FPHS announcements.
  • Need to purchase an ASB Card online? You can do that HERE. You can also purchase on in person at the Bookkeeper's Office.
  • Every Monday is COLLEGE and CAREER Monday! Wear your favorite college or career-related gear (UW, WSU, Pierce College, Army, Boeing, ILWU Local 19, etc.) College includes all post-high school education (trades, vocational, apprenticeships, universities, etc.). Ask your teachers about college, careers, goals, etc.
  • Every Friday is SPIRIT Friday! Wear your favorite FP gear to show your school spirit! During the season, you can also show your community spirit and pride by wearing gear to celebrate the Seahawks, the Sounders, the Kraken, the Mariners, the Storm, etc.
  • Homework Center: Need extra help in any of your classes? The HW Center is open Monday through Friday from 3pm to 4pm. Hours are extended on early release Wednesdays from 1:30pm to 4pm. You can attend in person in room 202 (next to the Library) or you can attend virtually at the same times using this LINK.
  • State Testing: Every spring, 8th and 10th grade students take the Smarter Balanced Assessment in ELA and Math. This assessment is a graduation requirement for Washington state. Last spring, due to the pandemic, the state postponed the SBA until fall. Students will take the Math and ELA assessments this October in their Math and English classes. The assessment will take approximately one hour. Students in the 9th grade will be taking the 8th grade SBA. Students in the 11th grade will be taking the 10th grade SBA. Please reach out to Ms. Marzano for any questions regarding state testing this year.
  • Schedule this week: BABAB. Link HERE to see the A Day / B Day calendar for the year.
  • Make sure you're following us on Social Media: FPHS Facebook page; FPHS Twitter page; FPHS Instagram page.
  • Visit HERE to view previous Parent and Student Memos.

Please, make sure you have all the info below. We miss you and wish you all the very best. Stay safe and be well!

Meet Our Cardinal Staff:

Name: Brittany Hemicker

Subject I Teach: Math (Algebra 1/2)

Favorite Hobbies: I have a few hobbies such as completing crossword puzzles and reading, but my favorite thing to do is take care of all my houseplants!

Favorite Book: I'm not sure if I have a favorite book, but I like to keep up on the New York Times Bestseller list for interesting reads!

Meet Our Cardinal Staff:

Name: Violet Hill

Subject I Teach: English Language Arts and AVID

Favorite Hobbies: Reading, napping, drinking tea, sewing, art...in general I just like to be as cozy as possible.

Favorite Book: It's a tie between Beloved by Toni Morrison and Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich

Favorite Quote: "Radical simply means grasping things at the root." -Angela Davis

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Behavior Reminders:

With students returning to the building, FPHS is making every effort to keep all students safe and healthy by following strict COVID guidelines set forth by the district. Parents and students may have noticed that we have added a new behavior offense of “Failure to follow COVID guidelines” to the office referral. This offense includes non-compliance with mask wearing and failure to follow social distancing expectations. The continual violation of COVID expectations will result in an office referral and parent conference. The district is in the process of updating the web page to include our COVID guidelines, but you may view department of health guidelines for K-12 schools at the link below.


Attendance Reminders:

Our goal is to have all students arrive to all classes on time every time!

Tardy Policy:

Tardy Definition: Arrival to class after the period has begun (after the bell).

All tardies will be monitored by the attendance office, and consequences for tardies will be immediate. Progressive discipline will apply. Tardies are cumulative. Students may have four (4) tardies in a quarter without consequence; however, interventions will occur with the fifth tardy.

Tardy Intervention Response Plan:

  • Tardy 5: Meeting with Admin Intern w/phone call home.
  • Tardies 6-7: Required Homework Center; failure to attend results in automatic parent conference with Assistant Principal.
  • Tardy 8: Parent conference with Attendance Administrator.

SEPTEMBER Culture Calendar

Students and Families, take some time this month to learn something new about a different culture and share it with others.


  • ROSH HASHANAH. Learn more HERE.
  • 9/7: LABOR DAY. Learn more HERE.
  • 9/11: 9/11 REMEMBRANCE DAY. Learn more HERE.
  • 9/17: CONSTITUTION DAY. Learn more HERE.
  • 9/30: ORANGE SHIRT DAY. Learn more HERE.

The Cardinal Character Trait for SEPTEMBER is INCLUSION. Learn more HERE.

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FPHS Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month


How to Become a Longshoreman - The How To

Family and Community Partnerships:

The Franklin Pierce High School Food & Hygiene Pantry is available for all students and their families.

Use this LINK to view our current food & hygiene pantry options. Please mark the items you need and staff will put together a bag or box. We will contact you when your items are ready for pick up or delivery. Items can be requested twice a month. Additional ways to request items: You can request a paper copy of this form by contacting Bonita Lee at blee@fpschools.org or call 253-298-3837 to request items via phone.

In community with families and partnerships, we are here to help point you in the right direction to local resources. If you have a specific need, contact Bonita Lee at blee@fpschools.org or call 253-298-3837.

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Social Justice, Equity, and Anti-Racist Resources:

  1. This is a history, not the history of the Puyallup Tribe. This is a history of our people passed down from written records and oral traditions. Produced by Puyallup Tribe Historic Preservation Department.

The first step in ALLYSHIP is LISTENING.

The second step is BELIEVING.

The third step is ACTION. Get involved and create the positive change you want to see in the world.

We are Puyallup: A Brief History of the Puyallup Tribe

FPHS Sports!

Athletes and families,

We are half way through September and our programs are continuing to grow. Below is some important information athletes and families should know moving forward through the fall season and into the winter season!

Games and Officials Shortages

A number of sports this fall are experiencing officials shortages. This is especially true when it comes to football. The association for football is about 40 officials short to be able to cover all of the games happening on Friday nights. Games are now being moved to Thursdays and Saturdays when possible in order to help with the officials shortage. Be sure to visit the athletics website fphscards.com for the most recent schedule updates.

ASB Cards

ASB cards are now for sale at the bookkeepers office. ASB cards cost 40$ and are a requirement as part of athletic participation at Franklin Pierce HS. Revenue from ASB card sales go to fund our athletic programs and ASB leadership activities for our student body.

Schedules and Results

Results and schedules for your favorite athletic programs at Franklin Pierce High School can be found at www.FPHSCards.com Visit this website to see varsity and sub-varsity schedules and know where your favorite cardinal sports team is playing! The website also includes maps and directions to the facility of the competition you will be attending. This can be really helpful for away competitions.

FPHS Athletics Event Calendar


Winter Sports

Winter sports are coming fast. Below is a list of coaches for our winter sport programs. Please be sure to have had a physical within the last two years and to register in familyID. If you have questions about the season or practice times be sure to email the coaches below.

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Pierce County Skills Center:

  • Greetings from PCSC: Welcome back! Our back to school newsletter can be found HERE as well as our Facebook page.

  • LINK for 2021-22 PCSC Student Handbook.
  • PCSC Main Office: 253-800-4800.
  • Application Questions contact Paulla Hockaday - phockaday@bethelsd.org - 253.800.4800

  • Application links, in English and Spanish, can be found on our website. https://www.bethelsd.org/domain/4387

  • First Day of School - Tuesday, September 7th. Session Times: AM Session - 7:55-10:25; PM Session - 11:15-1:45.

Daily Bell Schedules

Students will rotate through 4 classes daily with 8 classes total.

Advisory classes will meet on M, T, Th, and F.

Most Wednesdays will be early dismissal.

See bell schedules below.

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School Resources:

COVID- 19 Resources:

Community Resources:

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