Confirmation Recap

November 17, 2013 - Day Retreat with Sean Forrest

What did you all do for the 4 hours?!

I am sure many of you were wondering what a 4-hour day Confirmation "class" was going to consist of. I hope your teens share with you the laughs, the stories, and the prayer opportunities they were a part of today. Knowing that some may not, here's the info!

Here's some quick points that were covered today:

  • Sean used games and music to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease - a good way to make us all put our walls down as we entered into the day
  • He shared a powerful story of a time when he did not listen to God's voice in middle school that resulted in a tragic lesson that has led him to live differently
  • He challenged us to find reasons to believe in God, to understand that Jesus is God, and to know what our purpose on this earth is all about.
  • He guided us in prayer and encouraged us to place God first in our lives - to ask the question, "If I died today, would I go to heaven or hell?"

Here are some questions for you to help with conversation:

  1. What was your favorite part from Sean's presentation today?
  2. What was the most moving part for you?
  3. What was the story about Pat that Sean shared with you today?
  4. Why did Sean end up choosing to be a Catholic after dabbling in every other religion possible?
  5. How did Sean explain to you about Jesus being God?

And here's a special challenge question that you can answer with your family: It's a hard one - but one worth answering and praying about......

  • Are we as a family putting God first in our lives? If not, what are we putting in front of God? (money, sports, school work, job, friends, chores, etc.)


9th Grade - November 24th
10th Grade - December 8th

Combined Gathering with Sponsors & Rite of Welcoming - December 15th

As a reminder, BOTH 9TH AND 10TH GRADERS should pick a sponsor prior to our December 15th gathering. If people are having a difficult time in choosing someone, please DO NOT "just pick anyone" but rather let me know and we can give you more time.

Stay Tuned: 9th and 10th Grade social trips coming in December!