Fine Arts Wrap Up

Final Presentations, Concerts, and Performances from 20-21

Boyd E. Smith Elementary

Charles L. Seipelt Elementary

McCormick Elementary

McCormick Virtual Art Show Links:

McCormick ADK

McCormick 1st Grade

McCormick 2nd Grade

McCormick 3rd Grade

McCormick 4th Grade

McCormick 5th Grade

McCormick 6th Grade

Meadowview Elementary

Meadowview Virtual Art Show Links:

1st Grade - Wonderling, Huff, McCarthy, Merkt

2nd Grade - Hepburn, Johnson, Born

3rd Grade - Blankenship, Sontag, Williams, Rausch

4th Grade - Huggins, Voskuhl, Gooch

5th Grade - Blackburn, Cox, Pangallo

6th Grade - Bruce, Farrell, Smith, Shuluga

Kindergarten - Clay, Fleckenstein

Milford Bands

Milford Winter Guard "The Art of Chaos"

Milford Percussion Ensembles

MHS Bands

MJHS Bands - will be added after their concert on 5/18

Mulberry Elementary

1st Grade - Schwerer, Crawford

2nd Grade - Dupps, Otts, Zimmerman

3rd Grade - Dingus, Kushner, Payne

4th Grade - Eigher, Fraylick, Thompson

5th Grade - Aliaga, Campbell, Wannamaker

6th Grade - Coomes, Leon, Nobiling

Kindergarten - Fangman

Pattison Elementary

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