The Articles of the Constitution

By: Wilson Riendeau

How to remember the articles!

L- Luke

E- Eats

J- Jumbo

S- Shrimp

A- And

S- Some

R- Rice

Article I

The L in Article one represents the legislative branch. The Legislative branch deals with making laws. The legislative branch is bicameral or a legislature of two organizations, the senate and the house of representatives. This is the longest article in the constitution.

Article II

The E in article two represents the executive branch. The executive branch is the president and his associates. This article outlines the presidents powers.

Article III

The J in article three represents the judicial branch. The judicial branch is the supreme court of the United States. Their job is to interpret laws in the courts.

Article IV

The S in article four represents the states. This article highlights the relationships between states. Article IV establishes that each state must maintain a Representative form of government.

Article V

The A in article five represents amended. In this article we see how the constitution can be amended or changed.

Article VI

The S of article six states for supremacy law. This establishes that the constitution is the supreme law of the land. Article six also establishes federalism and that state laws can't be against federal laws.

Article VII

The R in article seven represents ratification. This establishes that 9/13 states had to ratify the constitution before it could go into affect.