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Strengthen your body and your mind!

Fresh Air Challenge

Go out and play! Email a picture of you hiking, playing, doing sports or something in the great outdoors! Send the picture in an email.

Quizizz Challenges!

1. Open in your browser

2. Enter the game code for the challenge, and click "Proceed"

3. Now enter your first name and click "Join Game!"

4. You will get an avatar, and then see a "Start Game" button. Click it to begin!

Are you smarter than a third grader?

Anyone can try - can you beat your parent? Have them give it a try.

21 Multiplication Facts - 438060

Commonly Confused Words - 761882

Area and Perimeter - 430410

Teacher Quizizz Link

You can find Quizzes already made and copy or edit them. You can use just parts of quizzes from others. Or easily make your own. Play Live or Independent (Homework) option

Coding Challenge!

What does Bitsbox teach?

Typing practice for kids

Let's face it. Keyboarding and spelling are fundamental skills that kids just need to practice. With Bitsbox, they have the perfect motivation to get it exactly right.

Real coding for kids

All computer languages are very similar. By learning true Javascript inside Bitsbox, kids have a huge head start toward being computer literate and technologically confident.

Students can use the free resources in Bitsbox to create several apps that you can then scan and play on a smart phone or tablet.

Free Beginning Apps

Try one of the apps, then change it. What can you do differently?

Start at

Roller Coaster File

Dragon Fire Draw File

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