The Scorch Trials

Part of The Maze Runner Series

The best book ever

This story is very intreging and exciting. Once you pick up the book it is very hard to stop reading. This book is so good it is now a movie.


This book is about some teenage boys and girls that are being used to study umans behavior. They need to be studied because a terrible disease has spead across the world. The test subjects have just escaped a huge maze where their memories were erased and they thought the tests were over but they were wrong . Now the have to cross a desert inhabited by insane people who got infected and get to a safe zone with a cure for the disease and there memories back.

Some of the main characters

The Best Book You Have Ever Read


IMDb gave it a 6.5/10 and it has 49% rotten tomatoes. Over all this is a really good book and it is really worth reading.