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What is the Hour of Code?

The Hour of Code (December 9-13, 2019) was started as a one-hour introduction to computer science. It's goal was to demystify "code" and show how anyone can learn the basics. Another goal was to expand participation in the field of computer science. Computer science helps build problem-solving skills, logic, reasoning and creativity and every students to have the opportunity to experience and learn it.

Today students are learning in over 45 languages and over 640,849,312 students have been served. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path. With technology changing every industry on the planet, computing knowledge has become part of a well-rounded skillset. But fewer than half of all schools teach computer science! Good news is, we’re on our way to change this.

Try an hour yourself, or host an Hour of Code event to introduce others to the world of computing! Click below to learn more!

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Unplugged Activities

No access to technology? You can still teach computer science concepts with unplugged activities! Click here to see free lessons plans to use with your students. Once there, scroll down ad select your grade level. You will see lesson plans and activities. Each course has online and off line (unplugged) activities for your use.

Get Started! The Hour of Code Activities - Digital (Device and Desktop)

Click here to access the activities below along with over 150 more! Once there you will be able to filter by grade, experience (beginner, comfortable), technology available, topics, and length. (Be sure to check the platform for which each activity will work before using it with your students.)
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Tutorial Apps for Phones and Tablets

Got Robots?

Click here to see some ways that you can use your robots with the Hour of Code.

Push Yourself - Anyone Can Learn



More videos here including:

What Most Schools Don't Teach (5 min)

Code Stars (9 min)

Chris Bosh on computer science (1:12 min)

Certificates for Completion

Click here to print certificates for students or create your own digital ones at Canva and e-mail them.
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Be sure to take pictures/videos and share on Twitter, Facebook, class websites and/or newsletters.

Use the hashtag #hourofcode on Twitter to share.

Bellevue Kids are Coding

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