George Eastman

The Kodak Camera

About George Eastman

George Eastman was born on July 2, 1854 in Waterville, New York. In 1880, he opened the Eastman Dry Plate and Film Company. His first camera, the Kodak, was sold in 1888 and consisted of a box camera with 100 exposures. Later he offered the first Brownie camera, which was intended for children. By 1927, Eastman Kodak was the largest U.S. company in the industry. Eastman committed suicide in 1932. He was the inventor of the Kodak company.

The Camera

George Eastman invented the Kodak camera. This camera had 100 exposures. This camera also was less costly to take photographs, it was a small box that made taking pictures way easier. it was slightly heavy you needed a strong tri-pod to hold it up. this camera was used in an everyday schedule people were amazed by its abilities and so they used it a lot.

Famous Quote

"you press the button , we do the rest"