Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

by Andrew Jenkins

Basisgerat Information (Basic information)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart geboren am 27. Januar 1756. herein Salzburg Austria

gestorben am 14.Dezember 1791 herein Vienna Austria

Sein Vater's name ist Leopold Mozart.

Sein Anna Maria Pertl

Sein Arbeit ist a Composer

die miltwelt ist Ignaz Holzbauer, Anton Schweizer, Georg Benda, und Richard Wagner


Composed over 600 works, includeing "The Marriage of Figaro,1786

At the age of only 6 he had the a reputation as a musical prodigy through out Europe

Interesting Information

He loved to include violin in his pieces
The magic flute (1791) was Mozart"s last opera
Requiem was his last project
He composed operas for over 20 years
Mozart was given a 3rd class Funeral which is equivalent to an average middle class person

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