The country of Poland

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The capital of Poland is warsaw and the flag is half red half white.The white represents the white eagle and the red is the red field.Poland is surrounded by many different contries such as Ukraine,finland,Germany,united kingdom and more!The major land forms there are mountin peeks and parts that are below sea level.The major bodies of water in it and surrounding it are the Baltic sea,and the vistula and the warta are major rivers.In Poland is deciduous forests and the mixed forest.

Poland is a democratic government whith the president currently known as president Jack.The president there is elected by the number of valid votes.Poland is not a rich country or a poor country,it is known as a middle class country.poland uses polish ztoty.there main export/export is machinery,textiles,foot ware,metles,metle products.the life expectancy for men are 70.5 and 78.9 for woman.the birthrates are9.74 births,age 15 and older can write ,Poland gets there water from reservoirs,aas well as aquifers deep in the ground.

polish clothing is vary colorful,dresses,pants,warsaw,dinolingo,suits,vests are there tradishional clothings,the major languages spoken there are polish 96.6 percent,selesia 1.4,germen 0.2, and the rest is unknown 1.7.there major holidays are new years eve,easter,epiphany,saint stephens day.there reiligions are catholcism,basic belief in Christianity.the popular dishes are poppy pastery cakes,kopytkay,pierogi,sauerkraut,pork,cakes.

the climent there is highly unpredictable,maritime,high precipitation.the average yearly rainfall is 600 millimeters.the tempiture is 19 digrees.Poland can get really hot as well wich affects the agriculture.

some great history in Poland is,duke miezko 1,polands first recorded leader converted to Christianity after marring dabrowka of bohemia.polands three powerful neibors Russia,Prussia,and Austria wanted there own Poland,this was all but imposible without risking war with each other.they eventually came to an agreement and divided it into three parts.

polands most popular language is polish96.9 and our most popular language is English,72 percent.americas most popular religion is protestant51.3,and polands iscthlic 82.2 percent.Poland and Americas government are both republican.both of their main power starts at 16 and ends at 49.poland has 120 air ports while America has 13,513

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