book 20

By Jake Nelson

book 20

"My poor unhappy man, why do you lie awake in this way? This is your house: your wife is safe inside it, and so is your son who is just such a young man as any father may be proud of." Odysseus can't sleep because he is wondering how to kill all the suitors. he is talking to athena.

"My position is intolerable, and I should long since have run away and put myself under the protection of some other chief, only that I believe my poor master will yet return, and send all these suitors flying out of the house." Odysseus is talking to everybody in his house to see if they have been taking advantage of him while he was gone or just taking advantage of him.

"Telamachus gave him no heed, but sate silently watching his father, expecting every moment that he would begin his attack upon the suitors." Telamachus wants his father to kill the suitors and get them out of his house.

The characters in this book are Odysseus, Penelope, the suitors and everybody in the house. Telamachus wants him to kill the suitors and odysseus is trying to see what everybody there thinks about him.