Teaching with Technology

Year 2 PGCE - BLSS612 - Penny Allen


Welcome to my online portfolio

Below you will find links to:

  • Assignment - write an account...
  • e-tool resources x 5 with rationales and evaluations for each
  • formative and summative feedback from my tutors

E-Tool 1


Lino is a web-based sticky note service, which is free for users. You can use it for organising ideas and activities.You can set up a group to share information, ideas and pictures with friends or colleagues.

E -Tool 2


Blendspace is a curating tool where:

  • you can keep all your resources - written/ digital/audio - together.
  • you can create lessons to be used in class or for students to use at home.
  • you can create quizzes to test your students

E-tool 3


Prezi is a presentation tool that enables you to make attractive and professional looking presentations using a zoom motion to show your slides and frames.

E-tool 4


Popplet is an online mindmap tool that you can use to:
  • brainstorm words and ideas by yourself or with others
  • revise and recall them visually - with both words and images
  • share them with classmates and colleagues
  • organise and connect words and ideas

E-tool 5


Kahoot is a game based on multiple choice questions that students can play using their mobile phones. It is a fun and motivating way to test their knowledge and reinforce their learning using words, videos and images.