Friday, Dec 18 الجمعة

Shabab! Last Day before Break!

What an Awesome Culture Cafe We Had Last Night!!

شكراً KUDOS for all the STARS that attended. Please check your coaching session grade for your extra credit.

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WATCH: CLICK to watch Fairuz & Famous DABKA Group

To give you a taste of Arabic music and dancing from Culture Cafe, watch Fairuz Performance and Famous Line Dancing (DABKA- دبكة) Group

Importance Information for Today!

  • HELP US GROW OUR ARABIC PROGRAM. Share your experience about Arabic classes with your friends at school or in the community so they may register for our classes!
Please be sure to have been working on:
    • EOC Project Parts 1: Final Linguafolio
      • Biography Document (Make sure you have filled out as much as possible for pages 1 & 2)
      • Novice Low Checklist
      • Novice Mid Checklist
      • Dossier Document
    • EOC Projects Part 2 & 3:
      • "About Me" all the requirements as well as WORKING audio
      • "Brochure" all the information required
    • ALL MISSING work from Lessons 6-12
      • Assignments: (writing, cultural discussions, speaking, linguafolio)
      • Coaching sessions (20% of your grade)
    • NCVPS Winter break dates: Dec 21nd-Jan 4th
      • No coaching during this time.
      • No new assignments
      • You can submit any work from Lessons 8-13 during this time
      • Class RESUMES Jan 4th
      • Jan 4th-8th (Last week for the course- Coaching is optional if done with final course projects)
      • Last day for the course as well as to login: JAN 8th!
    CLICK: READ Article on First Arabic Language Day

    UNESCO celebrates first Arabic Language Day

    Continue to Do Your BEST!

    • Yallah ya shabab! Keep up the amazing work you are doing. Make sure that you submit all missing work for the course ( lessons 6 -12)
    • This includes all assignments, quizzes, and coaching sessions. If you missed a coaching session, please make it up as soon as possible or listen to archives.
    CLICK: UN Article - UN Arabic Language Day!

    To read more about UN Arabic Language Day is observed annually on December 18. The event was established by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) 20 top Middle Eastern foods -- which is the best?