Good Friends Will Be There

Alexis Call Period 4/5

Development of Theme Analysis

In the story "Freak the Mighty"I believe that the conflict and characterization develop the theme the most. One of the ways is that Max doesn't believe he is good enough and always calls himself a butthead with no brain. In fact one quote is "I never had a brain until Freak came along."(pg.1) Which shows some of Freaks characterization in it by referring to Freak as his brain. It also shows that Freak is always there for Max when he needed him. Another example that supports the theme is at the begging when Max sees Freak struggling to get a paper bird out of a tree so Max goes and plucks the bird from the tree. A quote that is said right after he gives freak the bird is, " You live here earthling?" "Over there." I pointed to the house,"In the down under." He goes "What?" And I figure it's easier to show him.(pg.13/14) So this kind of shows that even though he doesn't know him he is still willing to become

friends with a kid that has a disability.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree with my theme. I agree with it because if your friend is a true good friend they will be there even if it means to sacrifice something. They will always be there to help you if you need it. Your friend will always be willing to give you what you need to help you achieve things. Also I think that the author developed the theme very well. The reason why is because he eased into it he didn't just throw it at you and just expect you to catch it. He made it so it grew and grew.Also he keeps saying it through out the book. I think this is relevant to my generation because there are some bad things out there and we need good friends. No matter what there will be good friends out there even if things around us are changing. I know that I can count on my friends to be there when I need them.


Freak the Mighty is a book about this kid named Max and his adventures with his new found friend Freak (Kevin). It also tells how they help each other and improve the others lives. Then on Christmas Eve at night Max is kidnapped by his father, "Killer Kane". He agrees with everything that his father wants. Then things start to change when the police start to come after them and Killer Kane starts to strangle Loretta Lee, who was trying to save Max. Then Max finally starts to fight back so his father starts to strangle him! When Max is close to blacking out Freak breaks through the window to go and save Max. He tricks Max's dad because even though he has a disability he is super smart. Then after Killer Kane is captured and locked away on Freaks thirteenth birthday he has a seizure and has to go to the hospital. When Max goes to visit him the following day Freak asks him to write a book about there adventures together the next day Freak dies. Max then has to get over the challenge of Freaks death.

Rodman Philbrick

Rodman Philbrick was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Now lives in name.The year he was born in was 1951. Then in 1980 he married Lynn Harnett until she died in 2012.They wrote ten books together. He writes for both children and adults in fact for the first fifteen years he only wrote for adults.He started to write when he was in the sixth grade. It was hard for him to find his writing voice but he finally did. He always wanted to be a writer but every now and then he would think about becoming something else such as an astronaut, doctor, lawyer and so on. He had trouble getting his books published. He got his first book published when he was twenty eight and wrote Freak the Mighty in the year 1992. Ever since then he has been writing for adults as well as kids. For the next book in the Freak the Mighty series he got many suggestions from his fans.