get to know someone

Dustin Max Schramm 4th and 5th

development of them analysis

Kevin,Max, and Kane help develop the idea that you should really get to know someone. like how Freak says identify your self. at this point Max is scared of Freak. like how Kane says now is it right to throw a man in jail for something he dint do. latter on Kane tries to kill Max. like how Freaks mom takes Freak and runs away. latter on freaks mom apologizes to Max. they act different then what they really are. this proves my them because it would be wish to get to really know someone.

Reflections and Application of Theme

I was left in awe. Yes because peppol act different then than what they really are like. Yes because it helps tech peppol to not believe every thing they say. like on commercials peppole act nice but they could really be in movies peppole are act differente on the radio peppole are differente on the phone peppole are differente in teekes peppol are differente in letters peppole are different. ect. my prof.all the tings is relevant to my generration

Visual Representations of Them

Title of Book and Authors Name.


Max is called the kicker. He lives in a basement. He got Freaks bird back. They become best Friends. They go on Qwest. Max is Kidnapped by his dad then Kevin saves him with a squirt gun. Then Kevin has a stroke and is in the hospital. Kevin dies and Max hast to learn how to get over it.