Missing Welsh Pony


Have you seen me?

  • I am a ghostly Welsh Pony.
  • I respond to the name "boo".
  • I am under 13 hands high or 52in.
  • I appear to be white but rest assure I am actually invisible.
  • I weigh about 500 lbs...on a good day


I am an old breed which has evolved through necessity to become vigorous and resilient. My heritage began with the rugged Welsh Mountain Pony which, with the arrival of the Romans, was infused with the blood of desert bred horses. We were nearly destroyed when King Henry III arrived. He wanted large strong horses to carry his armored knights so decreed all small horses under 15 hands high be destroyed. Only those released back into the hills by local Welshmen survived. They were later recaptured, and some were then bred with large Draft Horses, creating the Welsh Cob.


Today there are four types of Welsh Pony. They include:

  • The Welsh Mountain Pony which is under 12 hands high
  • The Welsh Pony and the Cob Type Welsh Pony which are both under 13.2 hands high
  • And the Welsh Cob which is 13 hands high or taller.
We generally come in solid colors, except piebald and skewbald, and we have white markings on the legs and face.My ancestors and I are blessed with grace and natural jumping ability. We are also easy going and friendly, and make excellent companions for both children and adults.We arrived in the U.S. in 1880. Today, there are over 45,000 welsh ponies registered in the United States.