Why Should we clone organisms? Learn from a scientific view.

What is Cloning? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Cloning is a process that involves great modern technology to make an exact genetic copy of an organism. Our experiences as scientists have taught us that, with a little work, we humans can clone just about anything we want with time. But why would we want to? First off, cloning benefits the field of medicine. Much of what researchers learn about human disease comes from studying animal models such as mice. These animal models are genetically engineered to carry diseases causing mutations in their genes. Creating these animals is a time consuming process that requires trial-and-error and generations of breeding. Cloning could help reduce the time needed to make these animal models, and the result would be a population of genetically identical animals for medical professionals to study. Additionally, cloning would allow researchers to resurect extinct species. Do you remember the Jurassic movies where a scientist preserved DNA from dinosaurs to bring back different species. Although we can not bring back dinosaurs, cloning allows us to bring back (only female) organisms that went extinct. In 2009, scientists had their first success in bringing back an extinct species. Using goats as egg donors and surrogates, they made several clones of a wild mountain goat called the bucardo. Also, cloning allows important organisms for farms or sentimental value to come back or to have two or more organisms exactly the same for work. But, some cons of cloning would be that the organisms would have a more increased risk to mutation of genes and the horror if the technology got into the wrong hands of people who would use it for all the wrong reasons. Overall, as a scientist, I feel the benefits outway the disadvantages.

So what do I say about cloning and why?

As a scientist, I agree with the idea of cloning. This is because, the technology will really boost modern research, agriculture, economy, and the field of medicine. However, I believe this technology should be kept out of reach from the public unless they are permitted to use it by WHO. This way, cloning technology will not be abused and will not become a common process for everyone.

Thank you for taking a glimpse at our PSA in favor of Cloning!