The Kingdom Of Your Mind

By: Jameson Cantrell

Memory Palace

Why I chose this topic

This is an interesting topic to me, I've always found it interesting in how people could picture a house or room that could help them remember something.

How might my research help me

It could give me almost step by step instructions on how to create my own memory palace.

How might my research help others

In me learning how to build and operate my own memory palace, i would be able to help others build up theirs.

Memory Palaces

What is a Memory Palace

A memory palace is a place or series of places in your mind that you use to store information. Memory Palaces aren't just used to help with competitive trivia or timed mind games.

Research and Experiments

Psychologists have found that people who form and use memory palaces read with an intensity that they will never be able to read that text again. Also they will use word association: this involves remembering something with something else.
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Some Interesting Facts About Memory Palaces

In the 5th Century B.C. a poet Simonides of Ceos, went to a banquette in Thessalia, whiled being called outside by a courier the building collapsed and killed everyone inside. There was no way any of the bodies could be recognized. Until Simonides used his Memory Palace to take the families to the bodies of the loved ones they lost.