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September 15, 2021

Reminder: September 24th is a Teacher Work Day, No School for Students

Don't Forget

09/15 - 10/15/21.....Hispanic Heritage Month

09/24/21.................Student Holiday

10/8/21...................Student Holiday / Teacher Professional Development Day

10/13/21.................Spirit Night @ Hat Creek

10/12/21................. Beginning of 2nd Grading Period

10/15/21..................Deadline for GT Nominations

10/20/21..................Student Council

10/30/21..................Public Safety Day

11/01/21..................Staff Professional Development

Birthday Celebrations and Invitations

As stated in the LTISD Elementary Handbook, we will not be celebrating birthday's in the classroom with food. Please do not send cupcakes or other treats for the class to share.

"Birthdays are no longer celebrated in the classroom with food. On a student’s birthday, the student will receive a birthday coupon for a treat intended to be redeemed in the cafeteria. Family members are welcome to join their child for lunch, space permitting, after the first two weeks of school in accordance with the procedures found in the Lunch section in this handbook. Parents may bring meals to their own child but may not provide food items to other children at the school in accordance with our wellness guidelines and Food Allergy Management Plan. For students whose birthdays occur on a non-instructional day, they will receive their coupon on another instructional day." (2021-2022 Elementary Handbook, pg. 41)

Teachers will no longer hand out party invitations at school. If you would like to send invitations to school, please be sure there is enough for every student, girls and boys. When the teacher knows there are enough she will allow the student to place invitations in each students classroom cubby or leave them on the table in the classroom for classmates to pick up at the end of the day.

"Invitations to outside student parties may only be handed out at school if ALL class members receive an invitation. Teachers are not responsible for distributing contact information for the purpose of inviting students in the class." (2021-2022 Elementary Handbook, pg. 77)

We are working with our PTA to use a third party application that will allow parents to exchange contact information with each other on a voluntary basis.

Gifted and Talented Nominations

The yearly nomination window to have your child tested for the LTISD Discovery (Gifted & Talented) Program is currently open. The deadline for nominations is October 15, 2021. You can find the nomination form here or on the district GT website. The form is accessible in both English and Spanish.

Information on the LTISD Gifted & Talented Program can be found in the attached slideshows (English and Spanish). Please review the slideshow if you are interested in having your child evaluated for the program. We will hold question and answer sessions with parents/guardians at the following times:

Elementary GT Question and Answer Meeting

October 1, 2021 11:30 - 12:00

Elementary GT Information Meeting Link for October 1 at 11:30

2021-2022 YEARBOOKS

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Updates After Aug. 26th Board Meeting

  • Masks are still optional
  • No visitors or volunteers on campus for now
  • Curriculum Night is no longer an in-person event. Will be asynchronous on September 16th.
  • Field trips & assemblies are on pause for now.

COVID Positive Processes

  • If the individual is on campus, that individual is sent home.
  • The classroom is evacuated and deep cleaned or deep cleaned prior to students returning to the classroom.
  • On my behalf, nurse Colwell emails a Self-Isolate letter to the family of the COVID positive student.
  • On my behalf, Ms Thompson emails a Classroom Notification Letter to the families of the students in the class with the COVID positive case
  • On my behalf, the district emails a Campus Notification Letter of a COVID positive case to all LTE families.
  • If you receive the campus notification email and have NOT received a classroom notification email, then the COVID positive case was NOT in your child’s classroom.

PLEASE do NOT send your child to school if they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, have had a temperature, vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours.


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SMART Tag, It's Not Just for Bus Riders

The SMART tag system is the most efficient way to report your student absent and serves as a parent portal for communicating with your student's teacher, the nurse and office staff.


  • Can be used for reporting absences, tardies, early dismissal for appointments and transportation changes. If a student leaves for an appointment, please include the pick up time and whether the student will return or not.
  • If you need to notify the school how your student will get home in the afternoon, changes can be made in SMART tag before 2 PM.
  • SMART tags will be issued at Meet the Teacher and on the first day of school. Lost or damaged SMART tags can be replaced in the LTE office for $1; lanyards are an additional $5.

If you need help registering for SMART tag you can call the school at 512.533.6300

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The Counselor's Corner

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Peachjar Flyers in English and Español

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