Walter Leland Cronkite Jr.

Famous Missourian By: Anna Armato

His birth, death and family information

My name is Walter Leland Cronkite. I was born on November 4, 1916. I was the only child of Walter Cronkite Jr. On July 17, 2009 I passed away at age 92! I lived quit awhile!

A picture of Walter, San jacinto high school, and cbs evening news!

Early life/ Education

As a kid , I spent much of my life in kansas city! Where ever I went I always took a notebook with me because I was very observant. In 1927 Walters family moved to Houston texas. I went to San Jacinto high school. (Shown above.)

What was I most remembered for?

I was most remembered as the anchorman and managing editor of the cbs evening news from 1962-1981! In 1937 I took a job at the United Press! (Shown bellow)

Interesting Facts

l meet my future wife at a radio station in Kansas City! I took a job covering news in washington!